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Site Based Decision Making- SBDM


1.    The District and the Association agree that shared decision making should be fostered, promoted and supported in accordance with the following provisions contained herein.

The District and the Association believe and herein recognize that site base decision making in which unit members, other employees, parents, community members, and students (where age appropriate), at individual sites are given increased responsibility for making decisions, will improve effective educational practice and process. This process would better provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas, data, and information that is necessary for restructuring to improve educational opportunities for students and to increase employee job performance, satisfaction, and morale.

2.    The District and the Association agree that better decisions will be made and should be fostered through the shared decision making process at all sites in the District. To this end, the District and the Association will promote and assist employees in the development of shared decision making processes and procedures District-wide.

SBDM Agenda | Agenda de SBDM