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Integrated Science 7

Distance Learning Schedule

Mr. Hiester - Science 7

(510) 723-3110

Students may contact me via email, Google Classroom comments, or at the end of Zoom meetings through a private conversation  

Google Classroom Codes

Period 1: rvryot5

Period 3: z6rzkwj

Period 4: hqqqodc

Period 5: bngre3m

Period 6: skvseyz

First Quarter Grading

65% of grade = Synchronous learning (Participation and the completion of work during online Zoom sessions)

Includes the following:

- Attendance and punctuality (arriving on time).

- Nearpod lessons (drawing, polls, open-ended questions, etc.)

- Participation in Zoom discussions and breakout rooms

- Completion of kick-off questions and reflections


35% of grade = Asynchronous learning (Independent work)

Includes the following:

- Assignments on Google Classroom

- Google Forms, Brainpop, Stemscopes.

- Projects including Google Slides, posters, models.




Contact Information

   Phone:   (510) 723 - 3110

         Extension 41208