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Common core standards: Qualitative, quantitative, reader and task
The constant path of inspiring and being inspired

English/Language Arts

Current Course Offerings and Adopted Materials

Seventh and Eighth Grade Language Arts

  • Pearson texts – New this year
  • District-wide pacing guide created by teachers from all Hayward middle schools
  • Pacing guide is organized around writing genres

Literature (seventh grade only)

  • Most seventh graders take two hours of Language Arts.  For seventh graders who don’t need an intervention class, a literature class is offered.
  • This class uses both the district-adopted Pearson text, district approved novels, and other supplemental material at the discretion of the teacher.
  • Eighth graders not in need of intervention are enrolled in an enrichment class, which may or may not work on building Language Arts skills. 
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Common Core standards: Reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language
A constant conversation between all kinds of people
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