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Cesar Chavez Middle School

Hayward Unified School District

  • Due to the ongoing poor air quality, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) has kept a Spare the Air Alert in effect for the Bay Area through Friday, November 16.


    HUSD schools will adhere to the following guidance provided by BAAQMD:

    • For all outdoor activities, take more breaks and do less intense activities.
    • Consider moving longer or more intense activities indoors or rescheduling them to another day or time.
    • Watch for symptoms and take action as needed.
    • Students with asthma should follow their asthma action plans and keep their quick-relief medicine handy.  
    • After-school practices or games should be postponed 

    We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed of any changes. If you have questions regarding activities at your child’s school, please contact the school directly.


    Debido a la mala calidad del aire, El Distrito de Calidad del Aire (BAAQMD) ha mantenido un alerta por contaminación del aire en efecto hasta el viernes, 16 de noviembre debido a los voraces incendios que afectan el norte del Estado.


    Las escuelas de nuestro distrito cumpliran con la siguiente guía proporcionada por BAAQMD:

    • Para todas las actividades al aire libre, tome más descansos y realice actividades menos intensas.
    • Considere mover actividades más largas o más intensas en interiores o programarse para otro día u hora.
    • Esté atento a los síntomas y actúe según sea necesario.
    • Los estudiantes con asma deben seguir sus planes de acción para el asma y tener a mano su medicina de alivio rápido.  
    • Las prácticas o juegos después de la escuela deben posponerse

    Continuaremos supervisando la situación y le mantendremos informado de cualquier cambio. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre actividades en la escuela de su hijo(a), por favor contacte a la escuela directamente.

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    Solar suitcase project (Channel 7 video) Posted 8/3/18

    HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) --

    It's the result of a long class project for these Hayward seventh graders that's proving to be a lesson in science is and a lesson in life.

    They built blue boxes that store energy from the sun during the day that can power these LED light bulbs at night.

    "We learned lots of new things I never knew I would ever do," said Marisol Barajas, a seventh grader.

    "I mean this is something that they're building, something that they're creating, and when the lights come on, it's that satisfaction that they're saying this is something I've done," explained Cesar Chavez Middle School Principal Sean Moffatt.

    Called the solar suitcase, it is a hands-on engineering project, which already makes it a special treat for the students. But they say just as exciting is who this project will help now that it's complete.

    It's off to Uganda, where 80 percent of kids in Eastern Africa, do not have light. That means high school students, for example, who are taking the college entrance exams, often study at gas stations after the sun goes down.

    There are study halls, but they are dark at night because there is no electricity. The solar suitcases will light up those study halls.

    The kits were paid for by PG&E. The training to build them comes from students at Cal State East Bay.

    "When you have kids in a school that themselves have overwhelming poverty statistics and what they're excited about is helping kids that are less well off than themselves. That is truly inspirational to me," says Karina Garbesi, a professor of environmental studies at Cal State East Bay. It was her idea to work with the middle schools.

    "It feels amazing, you know? I feel so happy that I'm helping others... half way around the world," said one student.

    Chavez students build solar suitcases, send to Uganda Posted 8/3/18

    students with solar suitcase
    We Share Solar completed its installations in February of the Linkin Park and Music for Relief Solar Suitcases built in Chester’s honor. The students and teachers at St. Tereza Primary School in Uganda were thrilled to have light for 2 classrooms, a library, and main hall. The Brick by Brick Construction Company Ltd. is doing excellent work in partnership with Brick by Brick.


    We Share Solar installs light


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    The mission of Cesar Chavez Middle School is to create and maintain an environment that ensures the technological knowledge and communication skills necessary for the 21st century.  Students’ knowledge and academic achievement will be demonstrated and assessed in a variety of ways.  We will produce critical thinkers that question, and whose curiosity allows them to make real-world connections and become lifelong learners.

    Teachers will collaborate to create learning communities that are engaging, reflective, culturally and socially responsive, and are aligned to state and national standards.  Students will both graduate and go on to a career they are passionate about or to an institution of higher learning.  We commit to a comprehensive system of support to assure this outcome.